About Dan Edward Goodlett

Dan Edward Goodlett, born to a Navy lifer, and the daughter of German and English heritage. Dan lived the nomadic life of a military family, moving every few years. He went to eleven schools across the country while growing up, and lived in California, Hawaii, Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

He began to write when he was 16 and later went on to study creative writing at colleges in San Francisco. His first work was published in 1975 in the San Francisco City College literary journal and featured his poem “Double Mirage.” The poem title was also selected as the title of the journal.

He is also a peace activist and spent over a year in Canada evading the draft, and subsequently, spent two months in jail for his actions.

Dan continued his writing after college but pursued a career in Information Technology in order to feed his family.

By 2020 Dan had accumulated over 300 poems and after retiring decided to pursue writing full time.

Dan is currently living in Eugene, Oregon with his wife of almost 20 years, Ruth Kenney. He is the author of three books of poetry: Double Mirage, Death Mask, and Petroglyphs. He is also working on novels and nonfiction.

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