What People Said About Double Mirage

"I read some of the poetry; it makes me giggle...it makes me ache..it makes my eyes well up and makes me think. Reading the story brings back so many memories. I am loving it and am going to read every word from the beginning Your talent is off the charts. Some of your poems had me reading them in waltz time and humming through them." "God talks to some through holes in their shoes. In the emptiness of poverty." This is so fucking good...
Linda Hatcher
Vancouver BC
Vancouver Police, Retired
"I'm a third of the way into the book and I love it. We all love story especially when we can see ourselves in it. Not the details but the current. "
Al Jacobus
Author, Mystical Light
Retired Engineer
"It was a delight to read. Your book will be shelved with my other poetry books, and periodically perused."
Connie hirsh
Eugene, OR

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